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English books

A super English personalized gift for a mother or father can also be found at Allespersoonlijk. But also a wonderful book about leadership and change. For cats or dog lovers we have a book with quotes about cat or dog. You make each book personally with the name of the recipient, your own foreword and even a photo on the cover.

A dog's life
A dog is a friend for life. Faithful and affectionate, he follows you wherever you go. And whether the dogs are puppies or older, they remain loyal to you. In the personalized book A DOG'S LIFDE, you find happy and moving spells and quotes about dogs. This way you can only enjoy more of the sweetest pet. A great personalized gift for every owner!
A Father in a million
When it is your father's birthday, you give him this personalized English book with bold statements about and for your dad. A beautiful gift to honor father with hundreds of cheerful sayings. A loving gift for your father, as a thank-you or during Father's Day! Mother surprise you with the book A Mother in a million.
A Mother in a Million
When it is your mother's birthday, you give her this personalized English book with bold statements about and for your mom. A beautiful gift to honor mother with hundreds of cheerful sayings. A loving gift for your mother, as a thank-you or during Mother's Day! You surprise father with the book A Father in a million.
Cash is King
Money is a great source of inspiration for many people. Whether it's cash, in an old sock or on the couch. There is nothing wrong with a lot of money. Dagobert Duck like to jump into his warehouse full of money. There are many spells and quotes about money, cash, banks and wealth. In this personalized book you will find the most beautiful statements about money. You make it personal with the name of the recipient, your own message and even your own photo. A super gift for a colleague or friend.
Purrfect cat
A life without a cat is not imaginable for many people. This fluffy little ball with high cuddliness factor changes regularly in a stately cat with a will of its own. And that makes a cat so attractive. You'll find hundreds of cheerful sayings in Purrfect cat. A wonderful gift that you personally make for a friend, friend or family member!

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